Tuesday, May 17, 2016

University of Cambridge

Early records are not stored, however, the College has grown from an Association of scholars in the city of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, formed in 1209 assumes scientists fleeing from Oxford after a fight using city residents.

Oxford and Cambridge, Uxbridge, Massachusetts often called it, was the history of the competition with one another, and he is widely regarded as the most prestigious and elite universities within the United Kingdom. Historically, it has produced many scholars and writers, and also the famous British politician.

Cambridge University (English: University of Cambridge; Latin: kantabriginces University) is the oldest university coming within the English-speaking world, with strict entry requirements above all within the United Kingdom.

He won the University of Cambridge branches 80 Nobel laureates, more than any other University in the world. 70 80 Nobel Prize winners, and had attended Cambridge as a graduate or undergraduate students, and not as a "research associate" or "colleague" or Professor (University of Chicago at number 2 in the Nobel Prize winner, joined with 79 people, but only 30 who studied at the University of Chicago as an undergraduate or graduate students).

Cambridge is a member of the Russell (a network of large universities, research-oriented Britain) and Coimbra (Association of leading European universities), weliro (Association of European research universities, the Association of European research universities).

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